Quality VP44 high-pressure pumps and control instruments exports to Lithuania

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Shandong, China (Mainland)
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1 Years

Quality VP44 high-pressure pumps and control instruments exports to Lithuania


VP44 Instruction manual

    System Introduction

Model BMT-1040V of VP44 test system is a professional VP44 detection system,it can test 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder’s VP44 pump.This system includes 9 kinds of data conditions,and supports is adjusted online.

The system uses a specialized automotive-grade high-performance processing chip,many dedicated peripherals diesel injection system to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of processing;Using TFT color touch display screen,user-friendly, easy to operate;with long-life encoders with push-button as a backup parameter of adjustment and human-computer interaction, and reduce the risk of system failure; Using the drive current and voltage display,intuitive understanding of the system work; good thermal design and hardware protection features to ensure safe operation of the system for a long time.

Detection Interface Introduction

Model BMT-1040V of VP44 test system(V2.0 version) has 6 interface,supporting English and Chinese.the interface as follow:

System load interface

After connecting the power, which is loaded into the interface, as shown below:

If there is an exception when the master controller and the display is connected, the system will remain in the loading screen while displaying a flashing red warning light in the lower right corner.

1.             Select Language Interface

Within 3 seconds after the power is connected, tap the touch screen or press any button, then enter the language selection screen, as shown below:


Green tick on behalf of the currently selected language. By selection button to select a different language by clicking the OK button or a touch screen, the interface enters the detector. At the same time, the selected language is recorded in the controller, as the default language option on the next power.

Note: When the system is loaded, the interface does not detect click on the button or touch screen, after connecting the power 3s, the interface will automatically detect.

2.             Test selection interface

Test selection interface has both Chinese and English interface, as shown below:


Darker option in the interface represent the current selection,You can switch by choosing the option key,By identifying key or clicking the corresponding option on the touch screen,then, into the list of test interface, the interface or free testing for 4-cylinderand 6-cylinder switch.Figure on the right represents the number of cylinders currently selected.

3.             List Testing interface

There are four buttons in the interface,Represent the last data condition, began testing conditions, the next conditions and returned button.By selecting the button,you can cycle through switch the four buttons,the blue represent the currently selected button;By Ok button,you can select the current operation.You can also select the related operation by clicking corresponding button on the touch screen.

Operation "the last data condition" button and " the next data conditions" button  will be stored into the system the last one or the next one of 9 data conditions ."Start test" button to start detection operation, the system will output the drive signal, while "Start test" button will be displayed in green.Operation "Back" button will return the test selection interface.

The interface has two adjustment Digital: pulse width and advance angle,They both drive signal control parameters for the system. They can be adjusted by pulse width knob or advance angle adjustment knob to adjust,you can adjust during system idle (no drive signal output), it can also be adjusted during detecting in the system.

The interface also has four parameters show,They are: Speed - indicates the current pump speed;Data condition number - indicates the current operating conditions selected number;Set speed - indicates the current operating conditions required speed;Fuel - indicates the current conditions more appropriate fuel range.

4.             Free testing interface

Free testing interface has two buttons, including the start button and the back button,Function is same to list testing interface.The interface also has two digital adjustment, including pulse width and advance angle,they are same to related functions in list testing interface.

5.             Helpful Interface

In the test selection interface Click the title bar, enter helpful interface.Helpful screen displays system information, product serial number,represent only product serial number; hardware, software and interface versions, representing the release version of hardware and software and interface;usage time represents the time the system has been used,Three numbers representing the days, hours and minutes.

Click on the touch screen other than where the title bar, then returns to test selection screen.

1.      Basic operation How to connect the pump

The pump connectors and plug in the detection system, and then connect the feedback line of detection system to pump the outermost one cable. Note: The feedback line must snap into place.

2.             How to choose pump type

The VP44 detection system supports to test 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder VP44 pump . In the test detection interface, by operating the "Type Select" function can choose to switch to test 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder

3.             How to use the system comes with data

The VP44 detection system built-9 detection conditions, you can call the built-conditions in list testing interface.After bring up the some conditions, The speed of test bench will be adjusted to the set speed value, by adjusting the advance angle value until the oil quantity of pump reaches the maximum amount of oil around the oil pump. reference data for testing.

4.             How to start injection

In the list testing interface or Free testing interface,After the pump speed is adjusted to an appropriate value.operation "Start Detection" function button, This button displays a green signal means that the driver has normal output.


Quality VP44 high-pressure pumps and control instruments exports to Lithuania


Company Information

         Number Taian Hai Machinery Manufacturing Co.

                                   Brief introduction

    Number Taian Hai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Tai'an City Hite Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) in the 14 years history of test equipment manufacturer, is the internal combustion engine fuel injection test equipment of professional production companies. It is a test bed development, manufacturing and sales of high-tech enterprises. The company's two divisions: Division test equipment and CNC machine tools division. Test equipment leading products as "Tarzan Hite" brand pump test bench, injector test bench, common rail injector test bench, common rail integration test bench, EUP test bench, electronically controlled single body injector test bench and so on. Founded in March 2001, it covers an area of 12,000 square meters, 2010 technology leader.

The company has a Ministry of Internal Trade and the Foreign Ministry to re-register after November business transformation. Strong technical force, has a group of young and promising in test equipment development, design and manufacture of professional and technical personnel. The use of advanced two-dimensional and three-dimensional CAD computer-aided design, implementation, PDM and Document Management: product innovation, CNC equipment, management information, has become the domestic industry, with independent import and export rights. The company's test bed sold over 20 domestic provinces and autonomous regions and exported to France, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Colombia, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Taiwan and other 15 countries and area.

The company has many years of experience in developing and manufacturing test equipment, "scientific and technological innovation, integrity services" business philosophy, in close cooperation with the new and old customers and common development and common development.




Quality VP44 high-pressure pumps and control instruments exports to Lithuania



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 tuv Certification


Quality VP44 high-pressure pumps and control instruments exports to Lithuania



Our Services

Product quality, service commitment, payment method


Where the company operations, sales of products, our company to ensure its quality, and its service work I am responsible for all service work and responsibilities under the contract execution.


1, product quality and commitment: product quality and normal use of the product are proper guidance or instructions in accordance with our technical staff. Installation process due to product quality problems caused by the use of, I have to solve them.

2, service commitments:


a, product transportation: product during transport if damaged signs, customers can reject the goods and freight handled by our office to ensure that users of the product intact.


b, product exchange and return: Our company strictly supplier by product packing list. Such as the number and size inconsistent with the actual buyer may raise objections within 3 days after receipt of the goods, I will exchange or padded contour.


c, product maintenance: After equipment installation and acceptance, the whole year warranty. During the warranty period for free replacement parts and service; it should be a response within one hour after receiving a user error message, maintenance personnel need to troubleshoot problems within 6 hours.


d, accidental damage repair: If in the course of unintentional due to improper operation or man-made damage, our company can provide the appropriate accessories, with only charge nominal fee.


e, after the sale of all products are to enjoy life-long maintenance.


     3, Payment: prepaid payment after signing the contract 30% balance paid before shipment. Meanwhile onboard VAT invoices.





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