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1box-herbs bama foot bathing powder Chinese or Englis ARABIC package

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Main Ingredient:
Dead Sea Salt, cnidium, cortex dictamni, boric acid, Sophora
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Place of Origin:
Guangdong China (Mainland)
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BAMA HERBS Foot Bathing powder
1.herbal and Natural
3.20 sachets*10g/box
4.stock and fast delivery


Product NameFoot Bathing Powder


Ingredients: Refined sea salt, cnidium, cotex dictamnl, boric acid, Sophora


Indications: Podiatry, sub-health, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, kidney weakness prostatitis, diabetes, high blood pressure, varicose veins, rheumatoid joint pain, heel pain, antipyretic, promoting blood circulation and nourishing heart and soothing the nerves, shortness of breath and uneasiness neurasthenia, insomnia caused by heart diseases.


Usage:See instruction




1. Use it immediately and completely after opening within 24 hours.


2. This product is for external use only and no oral use is allowed.


3. It is prohibited for a kin under 3 years old, or for skin exfoliation or stimulate skin.


4. Caution should be exercised for those who are sensitive to Chinese medicinal herbs and pregnant woman.



Weight10 grams


Shelf Life:3 years


Storage Requirement:Store in a cool and dry place




in English and Arabic 

BAMA HERBS Foot Bathing powder
1.herbal and Natural
3.20 sachets*10g/box


bama herbal foot bathing

 Usage: daily health every bag , two bags each have physical discomfort , first with boiling water, 1 kg , stir for 3-4 minutes , add the appropriate water transferred to the appropriate temperature , foot bath 20 minutes , until slightly sweating bubble can be.








1.Usage : Wash your feet with boiling water and a packet of powder 1KG brew , stirring 3-4 minutes , smoked bottom of the foot for five minutes , add the water level did not exceed 20cm over the ankle ( sciatic nerve points ) , adjust the water temperature to 36-43 degrees , Yuzu time of 20-35 minutes is appropriate , soaked to sweating slightly . When combined with foot reflexology massage better effect. After drinking a cup of Foot ( warm ) water .


2.Dosage: daily health every bag , with physical discomfort every two bags.


3. Tools: Optional wooden barrels washes utensils , pots, or general Footbath , but also an optional automatic temperature washes electric heating device . Best to use the cask .


4 washes hours can vary from person to person because of the need . Health care 20 to 30 minutes is appropriate ; prevent and cure diseases 30 to 60 minutes is appropriate. Yuzu winter time can be longer. Used for health care regimen , Yuzu Once a day or two days time can ; for the treatment of diseases, daily washes twice.

5 This product is pure Chinese herbal medicine , such as accidentally entrance eyes , immediately wash with water .
There are people on both feet with the corresponding organs and organ reflex zones , when the feet with warm water , you can stimulate these reflex zones , promote blood circulation , regulating the endocrine system, enhance human organ function , prevent and cure diseases made health effects. Meanwhile heat stimulation causes the foot microcirculation to accelerate , making the water pharmaceutical ingredients quickly absorbed directly into the blood circulation, so that their feet health treatment effect is even more prominent .

Foot bath powder  culture in China
Individually ancient feet treatment , early in the " Shen Nong's Herbal " in there with herbal foot bath treatment records ; in the spring , " The Book of Rites ," also detailed documented in traditional Chinese medicine decoction smoked , dipped , foam foot therapy. Han Que geniuses according to people 's living habits , invented the hot feet of illnesses using herbal approach, " Huang Di Nei Jing Jue theory," said : " yang toe from the foot of the table , starting at chi foot toe Sato . vaginal pulse who set in one step, while together in the way of the sole . " this shows that the feet and whole body of yin and yang , qi and blood, meridian close contact. Mawangdui unearthed relics , Zhang Zhongjing , Sun Ssu Yao Wang , Li and others have described in detail , these are the traditional Chinese medicine foot bath fully affirmed.

Health experts combined traditional Chinese folk medicine research center set of square after years of study , set health, health care in one 's foot powder successful listing . Kang proud lion foot powder combined with advanced technology, through repeated demonstration , scientific ratio test, comprehensive meridian science , Chinese medicine, acupuncture , etc., according to traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern monarch dynamic high-tech extraction technology ultrasonic extraction, filtration, vacuum decompression , concentrated by ultra-low temperature , the number of drug activity increased more than tenfold , thermostatic heat soak through the stimulation of acupuncture points on the soles of the feet , foot drug enters the body through the pores of the foot , effectively remove blood waste, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, ensure the body 's major organs normal blood supply, so as to achieve physical fitness, longevity , get rid of Evils purposes.
Foot taboo

Not suitbale crowd , precautions

One , pregnancy and menstrual period of women because medicine washes may cause irritation to the women's gonads reflex zones , thus affecting the health of women and fetuses ;

Second, people who suffer from a variety of serious hemorrhage , such as vomiting blood, blood in the stool , cerebral hemorrhage, bleeding , etc. ;

Three , kidney failure , heart failure , myocardial infarction, hepatic necrosis , and other critically ill patients , whose condition is very unstable, the stimulation of the foot reflex zones may cause strong reactions complicate the disease ;

Fourth, some of the acute infectious diseases , acute poisoning, surgical emergency patients, such as trauma , fractures, burns, perforation , bleeding , etc., because the best time might be delayed medical treatment ;

Five , is in a rage, grief and exultation among or mental stress, physical fatigue of the people ; Sixth foot trauma , blisters , scabies , inflammation, suppuration, ulceration , edema, and heavier varices .

Six , herbal foot bath is best to use the tub or enamel pots. Many suffer from heel pain , insomnia, dysmenorrhea , hypertension patients , drugs commonly used to help cure their feet , but do not use copper pots and other metal pots, pot because the chemical composition of such unstable, easily and in traditional Chinese medicine tannic acid reacts with iron gall and other harmful substances, so that the effect of drugs greatly reduced.





Items per Carton: 1 Boxes/Carton
Package Measurements: 12X15X15 cm
Gross Weight: 1.0 kg
Package Type: Package size:155*100*65mm 80boxes/carton 35*65*48.5cm 27KG
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