2015!!! Baochuan galvanized gabion hesco barrier wall

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Place of Origin:
Hebei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Gabion Hesco Barrier-006
Low-carbon steel wire
Surface Finish:
Hot-dip galvanized
300g/square meter
Geotextile color:
sand color, green color
spring wire:
400 or 5mm
Box size:
1.39m*1.03m*4 boxes

  2015!!! Baochuan galvanized gabion hesco barrier wall


Product Description

1. Defensive Barrier(Gabion Hesco Barrier):

Standard Mil Units:

Attacks from terrorists, insurgents, and other adversaries are a constant reality to both military and civilian personnel, in dangerous spots around the globe. Defending against these ever-present threats demands protection that is secure, reliable, and readily available.

Whether used as a preventative barrier or to define boundaries, MIL units have been employed to safeguard personnel, vehicles, equipment, facilities and other critical assets in a variety of military, peacekeeping, humanitarian and civilian operations.



The dimensions of all recoverable MIL units are provided in the table below:


  Defensive BarrierStandard
MIL1 544254''(1.37m)42''(1.06m)32'9''(10m)
MIL2 242424''(0.61m)24''(0.61m)4'(1.22m)
MIL3 393939''(1.00m)39''(1.00m)32'9''(10m)
MIL4 396039''(1.00m)60''(1.52m)32'9''(10m)
MIL5 242424''(0.61m)24''(0.61m)10'(3.05m)
MIL6 662466''(1.68m)24''(0.61m)10'(3.05m)
MIL7 878487''(2.21m)84''(2.13m)91'(27.24m)
MIL8 544854''(1.37m)48''(1.22m)32'9''(10m)
MIL9 393039''(1.00m)30''(0.76m)30'(9.14m)
MIL10 876087''(2.21m)60''(1.52m)100'(30.5m)
MIL11 481248''(1.22m)12''(0.30m)4'(1.22m)
MIL12 844284''(2.13m)42''(1.06m)1.08'(33m)
MIL19 10842108''(2.74m)42''(1.06m)10'5''(3.18m)




The Geotextile:



Recoverable units

The recoverable range of Mil units from ABC Company has been developed in direct response to two important factors: the military’s increased commitment to environmental responsibility, and the rising costs of recovery of material after the end of the mission.


Recoverable MIL units are deployed in exactly the same way as standard MIL products. All previous sizes are available in the range.


The recoverable range provides the same high-specification welded mesh and geotextile as standard MIL units, but now all models feature a new design to provide the ultimate in engineered force protection.




2.Environmental Barrier:

Flood lined barrier

ABC Company flood barriers can be deployed quickly and easily, to construct flood defenses without the need for specialized tradesmen or equipment – making it ideal for emergency response.

Flood Lined units reduce seepage rates significantly and ABC Company barriers have significant advantages over traditional sandbags, in terms of cost, time and labor requirement for installation.

The unique design, strength and versatility of the unit means that corners can be constructed easily, shaping the protective flood barrier to its surrounding landscape. The units can be planted with suitable grasses and other vegetation, to form a semi-permanent natural landscape, as well as a protective structure.


ABC Company Flood Lined units are available as standard or recoverable units. The dimensions of all Flood Lined units are provided in the table below.

Flood Barriers
Flood Lined
Flood Lined--Recovable
FL3636 R36''(0.91m) 36''(0.91m)15'(4.57m)
FL4836 R 48''(1.22m)36''(0.91m)15'(4.57m)





Storm Lined Barrier

What stands between people or property and any natural or man-made force must be secure, quick to respond and, above all, reliable. ABC Fencing storm barriers were developed specifically for protection against storms. When the increase in water level is due to sudden surge, caused by storms, ABC Fencing Storm Lined units provide defense designed for maximum integrity when subjected to debris impact.

The unique design, strength and versatility of the unit ensures rapid construction in an emergency offering significant advantages over traditional sandbags, in terms of cost, time and labor requirement for installation.




Delta faced units:

In response to the increasing storm damage threatening wetlands each year, developed the Delta Faced unit. A defensive wall tailored to aid in the recovery and restoration of wetlands.

The lined rear cells are filled with locally sourced material, including dredge material, to anchor the units and allow the planting of natural foliage. The triangular front cell shape helps dissipate the energy from waves and storm surge, extending the initial life of the units until the planting in the filled sections can take root, once it does, the units become completely concealed.

The unlined front sections can be filled with empty oyster shells, which attract and promote the growth of living oysters to create extensive oyster reefs, providing a natural, long-term defense against wave erosion.

The dimensions of all Delta Faced units are provided in the table below.


Rock Box:

This completely unlined Concertainer unit can be filled with different rock sizes and colours to create architectural finish. When local fill is sourced the wall blends into the natural surroundings creating an unobtrusive barrier and provides a building with protection from light and heat.

Rockbox can also be used in environmental projects.


Rock Wall

Rock Wall utilises the Concertainer design concept to provide the combination of a geotextile-lined rear section with an unlined fascia, allowing the use of varying material to conceal a sand or earth filled core.

Materials such as stones and rocks can be used in the front section to successfully integrate the structure into the built environment.


Security Barrier:

ABC Company security barriers comprises the original MIL unit with an added rock fascia, transforming the highly effective wall into an aesthetically pleasing structure.

The unique combination of a geotextile-lined rear section with an unlined front section allows the use of a variety of fill material. Architectural materials, such as stones or rocks, can be used in the front section to conceal the defensive qualities of a structure, while integrating it successfully with the built environment. This makes them ideal for a wide range of security projects or architecture and landscaping.






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