APEX-SN2013 car driving training simulator

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Henan, China (Mainland)
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car driving training simulator
car driving training simulator
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APEX-SN2013  car driving training simulator


Hebi City Thermal Meter Instrument Factory, is a research, production, trade in one of the emerging technology-based enterprises. Company has a strong economic foundation, a strong network of relationships, a comprehensive technical and staffing, a large number of highly qualified professionals distributed in the research, production, marketing and other important positions. The adoption of advanced management mode, in accordance with the ISO9001: 2008 international quality system standards implementation of total quality management. We have a very wide range of commodity information network, partners throughout the country, we are in the "create the best service" business philosophy under the guidance through the unremitting efforts of all staff, has made remarkable achievements. My company has a proficient, operational ability of the backbone of the team, providing professional, personalized, all-weather, all-round service.



APEX-SN2013 car driving training simulator overview:

Products portable automobile driving simulator is driving the need for training for independent research and development from simulation training machine. Steering wheel, throttle, clutch, brake, gear, methods of operation consistent with the real car.

It involves visual simulation, mechanical design, instrumentation, embedded computers, real-time network data transmission, data image processing, automatic control, ergonomics and other technology, the entire system can achieve driving knowledge, teaching and examinations traffic laws, driver training and assessment, and other driving simulation system, compared with the scene realistic, practical, and cost performance. With self-developed software, along with the school car driving simulation game features and entertainment features, while, in full compliance with the requirements of the human body mechanics, product design, fully compliant car driving training simulator general technical conditions.

Its biggest feature is the elegant, foldable. Its steering wheel height can be adjusted, folded small footprint, light weight, easy to carry, can be used anywhere in the home or office. Mainly used in driving training schools, also support any of a racing game, is a set of learning car entertainment in one driving simulator.


Application of APEX-SN2013 car driving training simulator:

It is mainly used in driving training school:

1, to meet the needs of students yearly driver training market is a growing industry, more and more students, Lianju corresponding reduction in the time, the car can make well-informed participants in a relaxed Lianju environment, professional profile can also quickly improve driving skills and expertise.

2, driver training coach is a good helper high degree of simulation scenario simulation, sound configuration, can replace the real car on the road, on the one hand to reduce the intensity of the coach's instruction, especially for slower learners ability to comprehend the teaching of strength, on the other new students can effectively reduce the number of traffic accidents, high safety factor.

3, to improve economic efficiency Driving introduction of high-tech products, to some extent improve the driving school's reputation, strengthen Driving strength, and most importantly, well-informed investment vehicles will be greatly reduced space, vehicles, and other costs, reduce vehicle wear and tear , fuel and other expenses, thereby improving efficiency.


Main features of APEX-SN2013  car driving training simulator:

energy saving, to replace the previously time-consuming, laborious, expensive real vehicle training;

portable simulator simulation and high, most of the use of high simulation car accessories;

portable, easy disassembly, easy to install, flexible practice;

more link voice prompts, the system automatically run driving record;

rich, personalized software settings function, pure three-dimensional software interface, beautiful and generous;

complete training courses;

FLASH animation to explain even the coach is not, and I know how to train;

14 kinds of training models, manual transmission, automatic transmission, cars, big trucks, buses, etc.;

27 workouts scenes were placed in basic training, nine with inverted Treasury and road training;

professional software, the real scene, in full accordance with driver training exam requirements and design, especially for school car owners.


the APEX-SN2013  car driving training simulator software introduces:


car driving simulation software is divided into standard and professional versions: the standard version with the keyboard, mouse, joystick normal operation, allowing users to experience the software's interface and functionality; Professional Edition can be used in our production configuration has really car driving simulator operating components, Logitech products and other devices. Professional Edition software can be used for automobile driving simulation test system for driver training to learn to drive a friend to provide a convenient way, is a dedicated custom software.

The software has a wealth of personalized software settings, exactly as a real car driving test requirements and design, the training project is complete, the system powerful: 14 kinds of training models (including manual, automatic transmission, cars, big trucks, buses, etc.); basic training, five with inverted Treasury and road training Total 27 training scenarios; pure three-dimensional software interface, FLASH animation to explain, completely replace the coach teaching.

(A) Software features:

1, the main screen: Display Driving the road ahead and the surrounding roads, so that students can feel the body in the cab operating at a running car. And display stalls, achievement scores.

2, the rear-view mirror: can achieve the same with the real car simulation effects. Can lift.

3, the analog meter: Shows the speed, mileage, engine speed. And to decide on or off.

4, special features: The mouse can be switched to the normal driving mode cab six different modes driving simulation.

5, the training scenarios subjects: (1) general road; (2) highway; (3) urban roads; (including: pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles, double yellow lines, guard, police, traffic lights, turntable, traffic signs and markings, etc.) (4) dazzling road (5) muddy road (6) mountain roads; (7) curve wear piles, venue inverted Treasury; (8) "8" shaped road; (9) angle detours, crossroads, T-junction, ramp, etc. (10) Serpentine Road; (11) in place parking; (12) anterograde parking; (13) Bilateral bridge; (14) unilateral bridge; (15) single convex bridge; (16) crossing the bridge; (17) ride more obstacles; (18) overpass; (19) tunnels.

6, Weather: general road select four weather: During the day, snow, fog, rain, night.

7, the picture selection: You can select "On" or "Off": rearview mirror, the wizard maps, error messages, and other achievements.

8, other vehicle options: Number of road sub-six kinds of options: 3-60.

9, model selection: There are six models in training cars, jeeps, CVT car (automatic transmission), large trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles.

Remind of car driving simulator:

Often due to product upgrades, product appearance may not match with the picture, but the performance and quality is not a difference, and if they can not feed update, hope our customers understand


Computer Requirements:  

1, more than 2G RAM recommended

2, CPU clocked at 2.0GHz or more (dual core or more)

3, single hard disk partition free space than 3G;

4, displays the minimum support 1280 * 768 resolution (see laptops requiring special resolution);

5, supports graphics card, memory requirements 1GB or more;

6, Supported operating systems are Windows xp, windows vista, windows 7 32-Bit, 64



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Training scene of Car driving training simulator: