Buck Price Best Selling MINGDA MD-6L 3D Printer / Large Build Size Printer 3 D / High Precision 3D Printer Industrial

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Quick Details
Plate Type:
3D Printer Industrial
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
MINGDA 3D Printer Industrial
Model Number:
MD-6L 3D Printer Industrial
Bill Printer, Card Printer, Cloths Printer, Label Printer, Paper Printer, Tube Printer, 3d printing, Design, architecture, medical, 3d printer industrial
Automatic Grade:
Color & Page:
Gross Power:
690 x 580 x 1120mm
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Printing Size:
Layer Thickness:
Filament Diameter:
Nozzle Diameter:
Stand 0.4 ( 0.2-1.0 mm available)
Nozzle Moving Speed:
0-250mm/s (Adjustable)
Linear guideway & All metal stainless steel enclosed structure
Print Technology:
FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), 3D Printer Industrial
Nozzle Temperature:
Platform Temperature:
Printing Material:
ABS/PLA,/Flexible filament etc. 3D Printer Industrial

Buck Price Best Selling MINGDA MD-6L 3D Printer / Large Build Size Printer 3 D / High Precision 3D Printer Industrial


1. Why Chosse MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. as Your Reliable 3D Printer Suppliers?


a. About Us - China leading brand 3D printer manufacturer

MINGDA Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is Alibaba nine-year gold supplier. Over the years, MINGDA insisted on the R&D, manufacturing and services of 3D printer, and has made great progress with dozens of invention patents as well as software property rights. With the mission of being the first brand in 3D printing industry, MINGDA always keeps its original intention to make everyone have their own 3D printing works, and integrates global 3D printing resource for providing better service. Meanwhile, we pay attention to create “personalized customized” intelligent 3D printing manufacturing platform. 


b. Professional 3D printing manufacturing equipment - MINGDA 3D printer production line

At present, MINGDA has formed a complete supply chain in 3D printing industry, including 3D scanner, 3D design software, 3D printer, 3D printing filament and 3D printing service etc. We commit ourselves to offer high quality equipment and VIP service for 3D printing education, national maker projects, SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), etc.


c. 3D printer international certificates - MINGDA 3D printer quality assurance

MINGDA has become the leading famous manufacturer in 3D printing industry with over 10,000 unit monthly production. Our products have passed CE, FCC and ROHS international certifications and widely exported to more than 180 countries and regions (including over 30 developed countries and regions) with good reputation by global clients.


d. Quality 3D printer service - MINGDA sales and after-sales service assurance

MINGDA has complete department system and professional team to supply you VIP service. MINGDA warranty the machine for one year and consumable parts for 3 months. MINGDA adheres to the concept of excellence, practicability and innovation, continuing to provide global clients with VIP service and reliable 3D printing equipment.


e. Customers' feedbacks & Fair of MINGDA 3D printers

For years, MINGDA has been well recognized as good quality + high accuracy + high stability 3D printer machine + reliable VIP service. We really thanks for your support all the time, and will keep our mind to supply most good quality and cost-effective 3D printer for you.


2. FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) of MINGDA 3D Printer Industrial


a. What type of software can I use in MINGDA 3D printers?

A 3D printer is only as good as the design it's given to print. And to design and format prints, you'll need the right software -- specifically design and slicing software. There are options to meet every ability level and budget, but all printers are compatible and some even require the use of proprietary software. MINGDA 3D printers are designed for compatibilty with many open-source and commercially available software. For more help in choosing the software that's right for you, see our Software Guide here.


b. What type of filament is compatible with MINGDA 3D printers?

Some printers on the market are only compatible with proprietary filament, which is often more expensive and limiting in terms of types and colors of materials available. Knowing the cost and availability of these items up front will save you down the road. At MINGDA, we've designed our machines to work with a broad range of commercially available filaments, including PLA, ABS, TPU, HIPS, Nylon, Wood, Carbon Fiber, Copper etc.


c. Do MINGDA 3D printers have a heated print bed?

Yes, 10mm thickness aluminum plate. One of the most critical aspects required for a great print, is the adhesion of the first layer to the printing surface. Some materials will not adhere to the surface unless it is heated to a specific temperature. MINGDA 3D printers come standard with a heated build platform. It heats evenly across the entire build plate from corner to corner, and heats up to 110 °C and higher to ensure you get excellent adhesion.


d. How often will MINGDA 3D printers need to be leveled?

Ensuring your print bed is leveled before printing is a critical step in achieving great prints. The more your printer jostles out of alignment, the more often you need to stop to re-level your printer. We've designed our MINGDA 3D printers with true level calibration - Four Big Screws to ensure that it's easy for you to properly level and it stays level. No more fussing! According to the customer's feedbcaks, it's almost no need to adjust the heated bed if using our industrial 3D printer.


e. What is the MINGDA 3D printers constructed out of -- steel or acrylic?

Make sure you know what the printer is made of. Great prints require stability and rigidity from the machine, and that starts with the printer's frame. Frames constructed out of materials such as acrylic or light gage steel can warp or fall out of alignment, which will diminish the quality of your prints in due time. MINGDA 3D printers are built out of strong stainless steel in fully enclosed structure. You can rest assured, it will stay square year-after-year.


f. What is the build size of MINGDA 3D printer machines?

Each 3D printer has a certain build volume. The bigger the build dimensions not only means you can print bigger parts, but you can print more student's designs simultaneously. The more prints you can batch, the better! MINGDA newest MD series 3D printers have some different sizes including 600x600x600mm MD-666, 400x300x500mm MD-6L, 300x200x500mm MD-6C, 300x200x200mm MD-4C, 160x160x160mm (LxWxH).


g. Enclosed or Open Structure of MINGDA 3D printer appearance?

Desktop 3D printers come in both open and enclosed designs. For most educational purposes, standard print materials such as PLA and ABS are most often used and don't require enclosures to get great prints. Enclosures become more critical when using specialty materials that require highly controlled temperatures. MINGDA focus on Industrial 3D Printer for professional usage, and also provided Desktop 3D Printers for educational usage, to make it easy to swap out nozzles, perform maintenance tasks and upgrades yourself. It also increases visibility allowing students to see the print process itself. And if you find for any reason you need an enclosure, it is not difficult to create a DIY solution.


h. What are the typical maintenance costs of MINGDA 3D printer?

Just like any piece of machinery from a car to a computer, tune-ups are required from time-to-time to ensure the longevity of the machine. Make sure you know upfront what the typical maintenance costs look like, and if you will be able to complete any repairs or upgrades yourself. At MINGDA, we want you to have a wonderful experience with your printer for the life of the machine, and we make it easy and affordable to make upgrades and swap out parts as need be. Check out our shop to see what's available. Our support team is also available to talk through any questions you may have in the process.


i. What kind of support from MINGDA is available and are there additional fees?

In the event that you need assistance with a repair or maintenance question, make sure you will be able to get the help you need. Check to see what the support team's typical response time is and the extent to which their services are covered under your warranty. One of MINGDA core values is providing prompt, friendly and expedient technical support. If you ever need to contact MINGDA for support, our team is staffed with the most knowledgable and responsive MakerGear experts.


j. How can I get support from MINGDA 3D printer manufacturer?

Contact skype: esd-mingda               Email: sales11(at)md-99.com      

Whatsapp: +86 13026644554      Wechat: Theresa356 / 13066928275 


3. MINGDA Industrial 3D Printer Specifications & Details


a. MINGDA 3D printers parameters

Currently, MINGDA has totally 5 models available in stock, including MD-666, MD-6L, MD-6C, MD-4C and MD-16 3D printers.


Parameter of MD Series Filament 3D Printer Price
Filament 3D Printer ModelMD-4CMD-6CMD-6L

Filament 3D Printer

Max Printing Size

300*200*200 mm300*200*500 mm400*300*500 mm

Filament 3D Printer

Machine Size

530*410*660 mm530*410*970 mm650*550*1000 mm

Filament 3D Printer

Machine Weight


Filament 3D Printer

Packing Weight


Filament 3D Printer

Packing Size

580*470*310 mm580*470*1120 mm690*580*1120 mm
Display&Controller5.0 inch colorful LCD touch screen
Layer Thickness0.05-0.3mm

Filament 3D Printer


1.75mm PLA(recommend),

ABS / TPU / HIPS / Flexible / Wood / Carbon fiber material,etc

Filament 3D Printer

Nozzle Diameter

Stand 0.4mm (0.4-1.0mm Available)

Filament 3D Printer

Printing Speed

Nozzle Temperature275℃
Heat Bed Max Temperature110℃
ConnectivitySD card, USB

Filament 3D Printer

AC Input

95-265V, 56/60Hz
Filament 3D Printer
Machine Power
Support File TypesSTL, G-Code
Operation SoftwareCura (SD card)

Filament 3D Printer

Operating System

Windows,Linux ,Mac OX

Filament 3D Printer

Frame Material

High-end stainless steel
Hot Bed Material10 mm thickness Alumina plate
X, Y, Z AxesLinear Guide Rail Structure

Main Advantages of MD Series Machine

* Integreted sheet metal structure and thicker heating bed, more stable and durable.
* Modular design for motor assembly, heater, temperature sensors, all of them have

   connectors , much easier for service.
* 57 stepper motor gear and imported Belt, help print more precise
* Using tank chain to protect the cables / wires
* Industrial pure copper nozzle, melt the material faster
* Linear guide rail on both X,Y and Z axes, more accurate and stable during printing
* UPS (Uninterruptible Power System), machine will stop printing after power off or

   interruption and will work after resume power
* Filament sensor, machine will stop working if no 3D printer filmanet, and will work if

   reinsert new materials.


If you want 600x600x600 mm printing size MINGDA MD-666 3D Printer Machine, pls click here.

If you want 400x300x500 mm printing size MINGDA MD-6L 3D Printer Machine, pls click here.

If you want 300x200x500 mm printing size MINGDA MD-6C 3D Printer Machine, pls click here

If you want 300x200x200 mm printing size MINGDA MD-4C 3D Printer Machine, pls click here

If you want 160x160x160 mm printing size MINGDA MD-16 3D Printer Machine, pls click here


b. MINGDA rapid prototyping 3D printers superior advantages


1) UPS ( uninterrupted power supply), MINGDA industrial 3D printer will resume printing after power off or interruption.

2) Filament sensor, FDM 3D printer will stop working if no 3D printing filament, and will work if reinsert new 3D printing materials.

3) Total full metal enclosed structure, inside temperature more stable during printing.

4) Counter-sunk screws, curve chamfer design, more safe and beautiful.

 5) Large 5.0 inch colorful touch screen and smart system, easy to operate industrial 3D printer and control the printing process.


6) MINGDA patented 3D printer nozzle, high precision pure copper 3D printer head, longer life time without drawing and blocking

7) The cables are fixed inside the tank chain, more stable and safe industrial 3D printer.


8) 10mm thickness Alumina heating bed, more stable and durable industrial 3D printer machine.


9) Precise linear guide rails among X, Y, Z axes, more stable and precise for rapid prototype.

10) Use larger screws to calibrate the heating bed, making it more stable and easy to level 3D printer.


11) Modular design for many components, such as limitation switch, motors, heating element etc, more easy for replacing service.


12) MINGDA complete self R&D software and firmware, which is compatible with Cura slicing and generating better print file. Besides, you can upgrade firmware on the machine and always keep the newest version.


13) MINGDA 3D Printer can print many kinds of filaments in different colors, like PLA / ABS / HIPS / ASA/ Flexible / Carbon Fiber / Copper / Wood materials, etc.


c. MINGDA FDM 3D printers Applications
MINGDA newest upgraded FDM 3D printers are very popular with our clients and are widely used in many different areas, such as: 

1) Injection mold

2) Industrial design and engineering

3) Animation toy model

4) Creative decoration

5) Building model

6) Education teaching and research

7) Medical industrial

8) Automotive manufacture

9) Aerospace


d. Beautiful 3D printer models / sampls printed by MINGDA FDM 3D printers


e. Professional MINGDA FDM 3D printer Tool Kits

f. MINGDA 3D printer Wooden Package & Shipment

 MINGDA prepare good quality international standard wooden package for delivery, ensuring the machine keep good during the transportation.


Dear friends, thank you for your time to read the above information! If you have any confusion/question or interest in our 3D printer machine, please feel free to contact with us!