Hand held antifreeze coolant battery Refractometer RHA-503ATC

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Place of Origin:
Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Measurement Accuracy:
5C 5C 0.01sg
Min. Div.:
5C 5C 0.01sg
Brix Range:
Brix Min. Div.:
Measurement Range:
Ethylene Glycol:-50°F-32°F,Propylene Glycol:-60°F-32°F
Battery Fluids:1.15-1.30sg
Ethylene Glycol,Propylene Glycol,battery
aluminium alloy
temperature compensation:

RHA-50ATC Antifreeze refractometer

RHA-503ATC models are equipped with °C unit system. With the indication of the percentage we may know the freezing point of either ethylene glycol or propylene glycol-based cooling systems. And they can also be used to test the concentration of ethylene glycol or propylene glycol in antifreeze liquids. There's also an additional scale for measuring the freezing point of windshield cleaning fluid.


It's FULLY EQUIPPED with ATC that automatically adjust itself to correct temperature discrepancies during use. Refractive index is very temperature dependent, it is important to use a refractometer with automatic temperature compensation to give you the most accurate measurement in any type of environment temperature. Capable of measuring with high accuracy and provides precise results. It's equipped with vivid and sharp reticle chart for easy and comfortable reading. It uses ambient light only and no batteries are needed. Made by experienced craftsmen and are unlikely to break down! Get the RHA-503ATC and be able to measure four main types of Antifreeze/Battery/Cleaning Fluids!


Measuring Range:

    • Ethylene Glycol: -50°C-0°C
    • Propylene Glycol: -50°C-0°C
    • Cleaning Fluids: -40°C-0°C
    • Battery Fluids: 1.100-1.400sg
  • Resolution Factor:
      • Ethylene Glycol: 5°C
      • Propylene Glycol: 5°C
      • Cleaning Fluids: 5°C
      • Battery Fluids: 0.01sg
      •  (ATC) Temperature Compensation Range: 10°C-30°
      •   Approved by strict quality and safety standard
      •  Durable and built to last lon
      •  Heavy-duty and lightweight with its aluminum construction
      •  Easy to focus and calibrate
      •  Accurate testing results guarantee
      •  Made with the highest and finest quality of aluminum & rubber that makes it lightweigh
      •  Cushioned with soft & comfortable non-slip rubbe
      •  Extremely easy-to-use and calibrat

  • Refractometer
  • 1pc Pipette 
  • Operations manual
  • Mini-screw driver
  • Soft protective carrying case