M1446 Best selling 3D face lifting mask/face massager belt 5018C

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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face slimming mask
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Have no side effect

M1446 Best selling 3D face lifting mask/face massager belt 5018C


Apply: pressure therapy facial wrinkles, usually face-lift and shaping (baby fat, pie face and the face are not satisfied with the crowd), facial liposuction surgery shaping, mandibular osteotomy, Long chin, to change the chin, to change the face shape eliminate surgery cheekbones grinding pad cheekbones, neck, jaw, head and facial scars rehabilitation.


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Head / facial plastic surgery, shaping, burn suppressing scar closed cover type 2 sets of medical elastic (face-lift and shaping, face pressurized wrinkles)













Medical closed surface sets - firming wrinkle face-lift upgrade








Also for the baby fat, round pie face troubles you? There is no ugly women, only lazy! Take special fabrics and ergonomic design, pressure balanced, can accelerate the facial blood circulation, pressure therapy, reshaping the face of uneven fat, muscle and other soft tissue, to make improvements, compaction, and enhance facial contours, control of subcutaneous fat cell volume, correction of facial shape, the face of improvement, easy face-lift.








       Due to gravity and age, resulting in uneven distribution of collagen in the skin resulting in wrinkles, damaged elastic fibers, continued to shrink and lead to loose skin, aging, lack of water. Closed surface take special fabrics and ergonomic design, pressure balanced, can accelerate the facial blood circulation, enhance skin elasticity, rebuild skin collagen tissue, face more tight and detailed.








       Imported high elastic mesh (powernet) material worn in the face stretching mode and positioning to the face, more angular, and enhance facial contours, control the volume of subcutaneous fat cells, the face shape correction, face improvement and thus the easy face-lift to prevent the multiple effects of the facial muscles sag and firming.








Face-lift and shaping the effectiveness of:








Comprehensive physical Ministry pressure face-lift, enhance, firming, prevention of nasolabial folds, bags under the eyes, and shaping the perfect outline of the face;








Enhance the double chin, improving the masseter muscle, the prevention of cheek drooping, suitable shaping of the cheek and jaw (baby fat, pie face and the face are not satisfied with the crowd);








After facial plastic pressure shaping (lift wrinkles, facial liposuction, reduction of the cheekbones, mandibular osteotomy, Long chin, change the chin pressure shaping care)








The face, jaw, skin grafting, to suppress scar, and paste as a scar fixed pressure auxiliary;








Suitable for elderly or post-natal cheek muscle relaxation in the tight improve health care, effectively defy gravity!
















Double chin, sagging cheeks, the signs of aging face that does not stay!




Look younger, more energetic ~'s vitality - give you full confidence yo!




Two magic gluing, may be appropriate to adjust the tightness - compact seen ~ The sagging cheeks Bai Bai!




The special three-dimensional cut design ~ obedient face gap ~ Yan curve to create perfect symmetry




Simple and fast to use - eliminating the need to cut the risk of ~ easy to create beautiful, pleasant little face!




Suitable for home life - with the face-lift and essential oils. Housework or indoor sports - your face is easy to do a spa ~




Principle of physical face-lift:








       What is the principle of physical pressure?




Simply put any object by the deformation of the pressure will be, even if the steel is no exception, and popular orthodontics is the same principle.








       Products through mobile principle of pressure and fat through a long time to impose a uniform and constant pressure, excess facial fat and muscle tight remodeling, effective control of the volume expansion of the subcutaneous fat cells, muscles and other soft tissue. And enhance facial contours, firming and prevent the sagging of facial muscles, to achieve the purpose of easy face-lift and shaping.
















   Apply uniform pressure to reshape the soft tissue of the face of uneven fat and muscle, to make improvements, compaction, and enhance facial contours, shaping face-lift.








Special import stretch Lycra mesh fabric, summer face-lift is no longer hot. Sleep will be able to face-lift and correction of the face, re-shaping the face of charming contours.
















His hands. Wearing uniform adjustment fixed by three sticky magic gluing.




Wear process, the finger, smooth, adjust the cheek fat to achieve symmetry, uniform pressure;




(3) The special fabric can be washed repeatedly.




Filthy after available less than 40 degrees Celsius warm water and neutral detergent wash (regular detergents can be), to avoid a long soak, Do not machine wash, tumble drying, to keep the fabric optimum stretch. Extend the service life, and dry before use.




Recommended 2-3 days wash one, not pollution do not recommend too frequent washing, to extend the service life.




Before drying is best to use a towel, water to fully absorb the clean, do not wring its heal hang in a ventilated place to dry, can be placed indoors or under the eaves, away from direct sunlight to avoid iron