Ocean real capacity solar battery for solar energy system deep cycle solar battery 12v 200ah

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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Model Number:
HY-12V 200AH
solar energy system
Sealed Type:
Maintenance Type:
Nominal Capacity:
Float charging voltage:
Battery type:
Gel and deep cycle/AGM
Contain material:
Terminal material:
Plate material:
PbCa alloy, PbSn alloy, PbSb alloy
Cyclic charging voltage:
14.50 to 14.90V
Maximum charging current:
UPS,communication,solar system,etc



Manlian Electric&TechnologyCo.,Ltd is a lead acid battery manufacturer since  1991,

consider ourselves to be global citizens, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact  of our operations and solve the shortage of powerproducts,Deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries have

been employed in renewable energy and reliably used in off-grid applications globally for decades.





1.Accept OEM order,offer cheapest price build strong relationships with customers to strengthen customers’ brands and market growth :

We 100% focus customers to develop their own brands and enlarge their market share because we strongly believe that “Customers” are the key growth engine for our company.

And we are strongly committed to protect customers’ privacy to earn trusted   relationship.



 2.Total Quality Assurance System:

Storage battery With ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified, we build-up unmatched quality control systems from incoming components to finished products. Battery

From design, manufacture, to service, we offer Total Quality Assurance System to guarantee high-quality and reliable products and services. our quality control manager come from Yuasa Japan,so more than 10 years,our battery never happen any  safety problem

Currently service customers including the America,Australia,Europe,the Middle East,Africa....




3.To develop a reputation in the power industry as a trusted and reliable partner :  

We understand that “Good Products” are the core competence for company development.

Therefore, we are dedicated to developing innovative and reliable products to customers through the continuous development and investments in our R&D center.




Question:our household appliances including (Air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine)toal 4kw,use the 5 hours in everyday ,how many pcs solar panel and battery,how much watt solar inverter?



1.solar Inverter watt choose 

Air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine all is inductive load,so need around 4kw*1.5=6kw

so inverter need at least 6kw (Rated Power)


 2.Battery choose

According the inverter is DC 48V 6KW,if use the 12v 200AH battery

so one battery 12V*200AH=2400VAH=2400*08=1920WH

The household appliances need total use the 5 hours in everyday,5 hours total


So 1920WH*x(pcs)*0.5(Depth of discharge)=20000WH   X=20pcs 



3.Solar panel pcs,firstly you must know your loacl average sunshine time

if average sunshine time is 6 hours everday,you use the 200w solar panel just

X(pcs)*200W*8*0.6(loss)=20000WH  X=20pcs


Finally:inverter if 6kw 48V DC so battery and solar panel need 4 pcs in serise to a group

and  5 groups to in parallelfinally



if you have any backup like ups or slar system please contact terry any time

name:Terry  ,whatsapp/wechat :008615813376739  skype:demudaterrymsn






Solar energy System,

UPS system,

Wind Energy system,

Street Light system



telecommunication equipment,

water pump,lamp, 

electric equipment,bank



















Our Strength






There are several factors that should be taken into account when determining

the total cost of ownership over the life of the battery.
1.Price: A battery with a low price is always attractive, but if low price comes

at the expense of quality and battery life, the need for frequent battery replacements

could boost the cost over time. That’s why it’s important to consider issues other than

price when making the decision.

2.Capacity: Battery capacity is important because it’s a measure of the amount of energy

stored in the battery.

3.Voltage: The battery bank voltage must be considered to ensure it matches the system requirements. The battery bank voltage is often determined by the inverter specifications

if installing a DC-to-AC system or by the voltage of the loads in a DC system.
4.Cycle Life: The most critical consideration is cycle life, which provides the number of discharge/charge cycles the battery can provide before capacity drops to a specified

percentage of rated capacity. Batteries from different manufacturers may have the same

capacity and energy content and be similar in weight. But design, materials, process and

quality influence how long the battery will cycle.




Q: Can you print my logo on the battery cover?

A: Yes, OEM is available,we can print your logo on the battery case, and you can offer your



Q: What's the payment term?

A: We accept T/T, 30% deposit & 70% balance payment before shipping, and Western Union. 


Q: How's the delivery time?

A: Usually it takes about 10-15days for production varies with products. 


1.Maintenance-Free Operation

Absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology ensures superior performance and maintenance free operation. Due to such unique design, the electrolyte volume of this sealed lead acid battery will hardly reduce during use. 

And, watering is completely avoided. 


2.Excellent Discharge Performance

This maintenance free battery, ideally serving as UPS battery, motive power battery, telecom battery, etc. features sealed assembly technology, thus ensuring excellent high rate discharge performance. 


3.Low Self Discharge

AGM battery for uninterruptible power supply is fully manufactured from high purity raw materials, hence keeping extremelylow self-discharge. 


4.Long Service Life

Thanks to unique corrosion resistant grid alloy, this unrivaled industrial battery comes with quite long service life.  


5.Safety and Reliability

Unique design and highly dependable sealing technology make it sure that the AGM battery is well sealed, thus ensuring safety and reliability in use.