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Original zongshen 150cc dirt bike zongshen 250cc cruiser motorcycle

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Original zongshen 150cc dirt bike,zongshen 250cc cruiser motorcycle

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Established in 1982, Zongshen Industrial Group Co., Ltd has now developed into a diversified enterprise group with both total assets and annual sales revenue exceeding RMB 20 billion, making presence in more than 150 countries and regions. Zongshen’s businesses mainly cover such three major fields as industry, finance and Internet, including: the entity industry cluster based on the power, motorcycle, large agricultural machinery, general aviation, unmanned aerial vehicle, new energy and intelligent equipment; the financial service chain based on the petty loan, factoring, financing and leasing, banking, Internet finance, assets management and fund; and three major Internet platforms based on the automobile and motorcycle exchange platform (AutoCloud Financial),  the industrial Internet innovation platform (360HUMI) and the shared platform for intra-city immediate distribution.








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oad over the montain Its all tumbled down now They aint no daubin atween the lawgs tOriginal cluth zongshen,250cc zongshen engine motorcyclese chimbleys fallen the fence is gone an the lots choked up with weeds Its a forlorn place today but hen I was a lad it was jest about the slickest thing along the ridge yander Thats where Absalom Bunkel lived an his pap an his paps pap lived afore him Ezry Bunkel was a mean man an he come natral by his meanness fer they never was one o the name who was knowed to buy anything he could borry or give away anything he could sell So hen he died he left Absalom a neat little pile o about nine hundred dollars An a fortunate thing it was fer the son fer hed ruther by fur set on the porch with the pangs ohunger gnawin thoo him alistenin to the birds an watchin the bees ahummin over the sunflowers than to a worked

Now Absalom was afore my time an I never31 seen him myself but Ive heard tell of him from my pap an what my pap sayd was allus truetrue ez gawspel it was He otter a knowd all about it too fer he was a pallbearer at Ezrys funeral Absalom was thirtyfive year old hen that happened He didnt go off spendin his fortunenot much He jest set right down in a rockin chair on the front porch an let his sister Nancy look after the place Nance done the farmin Nance made the garden Nance milked the cow Nance done the housework an come to the store He done nawthinabsolute nawthin

He was never out o bed afore sunup Ef it was warm hed set on the leetle porch all day lookin over the walley watchin the folks goin by an the birds swoopin thoo the fiels an listenin to the dreamy hum o nature Ef it was cold hOriginal cluth zongshen,250cc zongshen engine motorcyclesd loaf all day be the fireplace bakin his shins Sometims Nance ud go away fer a spell an fergit to leave him wood Does he cut some fer himself like an ordinary man Not him He jest walks to the nearest possible fencerail kerrys it inter the house puts one eend inter the fire an keeps pushin een ez it burns off Thats the kind o a felly Absalom Bunkel was

Now it happened that hen hed been livin this way tell his fortyfifth year ole Andy Crimmel tuk a placet about a miled beyant his One nice afternoon ez Absalom set adozin on the porch Andys dotter Annie May come trippin32 down the road on her way to the store lookin pretty ez a pictur in her red sunbonnet swingin a basket an singin a melancholy piece Absalom woke with a start an rubbed his heavy eyes He got sight of her pink cheeks afore she ducked under her bonnet fer hen she seen him she sudden stopped her singin an walked by alookin over the walleOriginal cluth zongshen,250cc zongshen engine motorcycles That one glance done Absalom Bunkel He stayed awake tell she come back

That night he didnt eat no supper

Nance sais he to his sister how fur is it to Crimmels

Nigh onter a miled sais she

An he jest groaned drawed his boots tuk a candle an went up to bed

Twicet a week all that summer Annie May Crimmel come asingin down the road An Absalom dozin on the porch ud hear her voice tell shed reach the edge o the woods There shed stop her song an go ploddin by gazin over the walley like he wasnt about or wasnt wuth lookin at Absalom kept gittin fatter an fatter from doin nawthin an it seemed to him like Annie May Crimmel was prettier every time she went Original cluth zongshen,250cc zongshen engine motorcycleso store He was onrastless He was onhappy He knowd what was wrong an he seen no cure fer to him that girl walkin long the road not twenty rods from his house was like a bit o bread danglin jest beyant the reach o a starvin man


Perhaps you uns wonders why he didnt go down an speak to her That wasnt Absaloms way He might a walked that fur to git warm But to speak to a girl Never

Oncet he called to her but she paid no attention an hung her head bashful like an walked on the faster

Nance sais he to his sister that night at supper Ive kind o a notion fer Annie May Crimmel he sais

Hev you sais she lookin surprised tho of course she knowd it an fer weeks hed ben wonderin what ud become o her

An mebbe sais he you wouldnt mind steppin over thOriginal cluth zongshen,250cc zongshen engine motorcyclesre tomorrow an tellin her

Umph she sais perkin up her nose Youll see me agaddin round the walley settin up with the girls fer you

He set thinkin a spell Then he sais tremlous like Nance how fur is it to Crimmels

A miled to an inch sais she

He jest groaned an went off to bed agin

They say that next day toward evenin Absalom was seen to rise from his chair to hesitate to set down to get up agin an move toward the road He got to the gate pushed it half open an leaned on it Tell sunset he stood there gazin wistful like toward Crimmels placet Then Nance called him in fer supper

Winter drove the lazy felly inter the house34 All day long hed set be the windy watchin fer Annie May an ez she passed hed smile softlike hen she was gone hed look solemn agin An all the time he kep gittin fatter an fatter an more an more onrastless

Winter broke an March went by Apryl first was a fine warm day so Absalom took his chair out on the porch an set there lookin down the ridge into the walley where the men was aplowin All at oncet he heard a creakin o wheels an a rattle o gears that caused him to turn his eyes up the road Outen the woods come a wagon piled high with furnitur It was a flittin the Crimmels flittin ez he knowd hen he seen Andy drivin an the Missus an Annie May ridin on the horses Bunkel was stunnedclean stunned The flittin went creakin past the house him jest settin there starin He knowd what it meant to him He knowd it was fer him jest the same ez the death of Annie May but he couldnt do nawthin The wagon swung round the bend an was out o sight

Hen Absalom seen the last o the red bonnet flashin in the sun he thowed his s to his head like they was a pain there Sudden he jumped from his chair an run toward the road yellin Hey hey Annie May

He tore thoo the gate down the hill an round the turn They was in sight agin

Annie May he called Annie May


The wagon stopped The girl climbed offen the horse an run toward him stretchin out her s an cryin Absalom Absalom

Hen he seen her comin he set right down in the road to wait fer her Her arms fell to her side an she stopped

Annie May he called come here Ive somethin to tell yer

She turned an walked with hangin head back to the wagon She climbed on her horse an a minute later the flittin disappeared in the hollow at the foot o the ridge

The Patriarch arose from his chair walked slowly to the door and stood there looking out into the rain The men about the stove gazed in astonished silence at his back

The Miller spoke first Well Grandpap

Well said the old man wheeling about

What happened

Who sayd anything was agoin to happen snapped the Patriarch

What become o Absalom asked the Storekeeper timidly

Oh he died o overexertin said the Chronic Loafer wearily as he threw himself back on the counter

The Patriarch gave no heed to this remark but raising his right and emphasizing each word with a solemn wag of the forefinger said Boys I dont know what happened Pap never sayd36 But now henever I thinks o a lazy man I picturs Absalom Bunkel settin there in the road his fat legs stretched out afore him his fat arms proppin up that unwieldy body o hisn his eyes an his ears astrainin to see an hear thoo the darkness that gathered round him what he might a seen an heard allus hed he only hed the ambition to a gone a few steps furder
A man without a missus is like an engyne without a governorhe either goes too slow or too fast said the Chronic Loafer

Mighty souls cried the Miller What in the name o common sense put that idee into yer head

It was planted there be accident cultiwated be experience an today it jest blossomed was the reply

The Loafer had come in from a morning on the ridges hunting rabbits His old muze loader leaned against the counter and his hound Tiger was sitting at his side his head resting on the masters knee and his solitary eye watching every movement of the thin grized face which was almost hidden by a blue cloth cap with a low hanging visor and eartabs The Loafer removed the tabs and stuffed them into his pocket Then he laid his on his dogs head and stroked it

The ticking of the clock which had a place on a shelf between two jars of stickcandy accentuated38 the long silence that followed Tiger seemed to feel that the hush boded ill to his lord and cocked one ear and uttered a low growl

The Teacher pointed his forefinger at the Loafer and said I judge that you intended to imply that havin a governor you run regular Some engines you know run regular but very slow

An some runs wery fast was the retort An they buzzes pretty loud thout doin a tremendous amount o labor

Now youre gettin personal and

Boys boys The Patriarch was rapping for order Dont git quarrelin over the question of engynes Fer my part the plain ole waterwheel beats em holly

The Miller tilted over on his nail keg and tapped the Loafer on the elbow

Tell me he said Where did ye git that idee It sounds almanacky

That idee was ginirated this mornin ez me an Tige was roamin round Gum hill tryin to start a rabbit They bein no rabbits me an Tige set down an gunned for idees It was peaceful an nice there on the ridge The woods hed the reglar cheery November rattle like a dried up jolly ole man The wind was ashakin the dead leaves an they was achipperin an chirpin The pignuts was jumpin from the limbs sloshin thoo the branches an tumblin39 round the ground Overhead a couple of crows was afloppin about an whoopin like a lot of boys on skates fer the air was bitin like an put life in ye

Ez I set there on a lawg I minded a felly I oncet heard up to literry society who read a piecet bout how the year was dyin fer autumn was at I noticed Tige ez he was rollin round chasin pignuts an I sais to meself sais I Dyin Why no Its only in its second chilhood An I looked down the hill into the gut an seen the smoke curlin up thoo the trees in the ole Horner clearin Thats where I got the Missus Then it was that that idee bout engynes an weemen blossomed

Before the first time I ever seen that clearin I kind o lived in jerks Sometimes Id run hard an fast an ud make a heap o noise an smash all the machinery Then Id hev to lay off a month or so to git patched up agin My pap was a cute man He seen right thoo me an he knowd what was wrong What you need is a governor sayd he An I got one Sence then Ive ben runnin smooth an reglar an not wery fast But I haint broke no machinery an Ive never stopped entirely

Now it went pretty hard with Pap after Mother died fer he never did like housework an was continual beggin me to git merried He was anaggin an naggin all the time petickler40 hen he was washin dishes Hed pint out certain girls in the walley that he thot ud hev me an hed argy that I otter step up like a leetle man an speak me mind to em He even went so fur as to low hed give me the whole placet ef unly Id git some un to take the housework offen his s First it was Mary Potzer She hed five hundred dollars an was a special good match but her looks was agin her She was Omish an like most Omish folk was square built cept fer bein rounded off a leetle on top The ole man wouldnt give me no peace tell I ast her I didnt dast do that but I tol him I hed an that she sayd she ud take me ef he kep on doin the cookin That kind o quieted him fer a spell an some months passed afore he tuk up the subject agin Next he got to backin Rosey Simpson She was tolable goodlookin an lively he sayd an I lowed he was right unly she was too lively fer me I minded the time I seen her sail inter Bumbletrees Durham bull hen hed butted a petickler pet sheep o hers She made the ole beast feel so humble that I concided she might do fer a defender but nev
Original cluth zongshen,250cc zongshen engine motorcycles
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as the pumas muscles were growing tense for the final spring there was a sudden crasOriginal zongshen 150cc dirt bike,zongshen 250cc cruiser motorcycle of broken boughs behind me a feeling as if a whirlwind was going by and my mother shot past me straight at the puma I had no idea that she could go so fast The puma was up on his hindlegs to meet her but her impetus was so terrific that it bore him backwards without seeming to check her speed in the least and away they went rolling over and over down the hill

But it was not much of a fight The puma willing enough to attack a little cub like me knew that he was no match for my mother and while they were still rolling he wrenched himself loose and was off among the trees like a shadow


When mother came back to me blood was running over her face where at the moment of meeting the puma had managed to give her one wicked tearing claw down the side of her nose So as soon as my father and Kahwa joined us we all went down to the stream where mother bathed her face and kept it in the cold water for nearly the whole day

It was probably in some measure to pay me out for this scrape and to give me another lesson in the unwisdom of too much independence and inquisitiveness in a youngster that my parents soon after this allowed me to get into trouble with that porcupine

One evening my father had taken us to a place where the ground was full of mountain lilies It was early in the year when the green shoots were just beginning to appear above the earth and wherever there was a shoot there was a bulb down below And a mountain lily bulb is one of the very nicest things to eaOriginal zongshen 150cc dirt bike,zongshen 250cc cruiser motorcycle that there isso sweet and juicy and crisp The place was some distance from our home and after that first visit Kahwa and I kept begging to be taken there again At last my father yielded and we set out early one morning just before day was breaking


We were not loitering on the way but trotting steadily along all together and Kahwa and I at least were full of expectation of the lily bulbs in store when in a little open space among the trees we came upon an object unlike anything I had ever seen before As we came upon it I could have declared that it was movingthat it was an animal which at sight of us had stopped stock still and tucked its head and toes in underneath it But it certainly was not moving now and did not look as if it ever could move again so finally I concluded that it must be a large fungus or a strange new kind of hillock with black and white grass growing all over it MyOriginal zongshen 150cc dirt bike,zongshen 250cc cruiser motorcyclefather and mother had stopped short when they saw it and just sat up on their haunches and looked at it and Kahwa did the same snling up close to my mothers side Was it an animal or a fungus or only a mound of earth The way to find out was to smell it So without any idea of hurting it I trotted up and reached out my nose As I did so it shrank a little more into itself and became rounder and more like a fungus than ever but the act of shrinking also made the black and white grass stick out a little further so that my nose met it sooner than I expected and I found that if it was grass it was14 very sharp grass and pricked horribly I tried again and again it shrank up and pricked me worse tOriginal zongshen 150cc dirt bike,zongshen 250cc cruiser motorcyclean ever Then I heard my father chuckling to himself

That made me angry for I always have detested being laughed at and without stopping to think I smacked the thing just as hard as I could A moment later I was hopping round on three legs howling with pain for a bunch of the quills had gone right into my paw where they were still sticking one coming out on the other side

My father laughed but my mother out the quills with her teeth and that hurt worse than anything and all day whenever she found a particularly fat lily bulb she gave it to me For my part I could only dig for the bulbs with my left paw and it was ever so many days before I could run on all four feet again

All these things must have happened when I was very youngless than three months oldbecausOriginal zongshen 150cc dirt bike,zongshen 250cc cruiser motorcycle we were still living in the same place whereas when summer came we moved away as bears always do and had no fixed home during the hot months

Bearcubs are born when the mother is still in her winter den and they are usually five or six15 weeks old before they come out into the world at all Even then at first when the cubs are very young the family stays close at home and for some time I imagine that the longest journey I made was when I tumbled those fifty feet downhill Father or mother might wander away alone in the early morning or evening for a while but for the most part we were all four at home by the rock and the cedartrees with the bare brown treetrunks growing up all round out of the bare brown mountainsides and Kahwa and I spending our time lying sleepily cuddled up to mother or romping together and wishing we could catch squirrels

There were a great many squirrels aboutlarge gray ones mostly but living in a firtree close by us was a black one with a deplorable temper

Every day he used to come and quarrel with us Whenever he had nothing particular to do he would say to himself Ill go and tease those old bears And he did His plan was to get on our trees from behind where we could not see him then to come round on our side about five or six feet from the ground just safely out of reach and there hanging head downwards call us every name he could think of Squirrels have an awful16 vocabulary but I never knew one that could talk like Blacky And every time he thought of something new to say he waved his tail at us in a way that was particularly aggravating You have no idea how other animals poke fun at us because we have no tails and how sensitive we really are on the subject They say that it was to hide our lack of tail that we originally got into the habit of sitting up on our haunches whenever we meet a stranger

Kahwa and I used to make all sorts of plans to catch Blacky but we might as well have tried to catch a moonbeam He knew exactly how far we could reach from the ground and if we made a for him he was always three inches too high Then we would run round on opposite sides of the tree in the hope of cutting him off when he came down But when we did that he never did come down but just went up instead till he reached a place where the branches of our trees nearly touched those of his own fir and then jumped across We always hoped he would miss that jump and Kahwa and I waited down below with our mouths open for him to drop in but he never did

We used to try and persuade mother to go up17 his tree after him but she knew very well that she could neither catch him nor get out on the thin branches where his nest was There is only one way in which a bear can catch squirrels and that is by pretending to be dead or asleep for squirrels are so idiotically inquisitive that sooner or later they are certain to come right up to you if you do this and sit on your nose Some bears I believe are fond of squirrels but I confess I never cared for them There is so much fluff and stringy stuff in them and so little to eat

Chipmunks2 are different Though smaller than squirrels they are much less fluffy in proportion and taste almost as nice as mice

Next to Blacky our most frequent visitor was Rattat the woodpecker The air in the mountains is very still so that you can hear sounds a long way and all day long from every direction the rattattattat of the woodpeckers was ringing through the woods In the evening when the sun was going down they used to sit on the very tops of the trees and call to each other from hill to hilljust two long whistles wheewhoo wheewhoo It was a sad noise but I liked Rattat He was so jauntily gay in his suit of black and white with his 18bright red crest and always so immensely busy Starting near the bottom of a tree he worked steadily up itrattattattat and uprattattattat till he got to the top then down like a flash to another to begin all over again Grubs he was after and nothing else mattered Grubsrattattattat rattattattat grubs and up and up he went

One of our cedars was dead at the top and Rattat used to come there nearly every day Little chips and splinters of wood would come floating down to us and once a lovely fat beetle grub that he had somehow overlooked came plump down under my very nose If that was the kind of thing that he found up there I was not surprised that he was fond of our tree I would have gone up too if I could but the dead part would never have been safe for me

Very soon we began to be taken out on long excursions going all four together as I have said and then we began to learn how much that is nice to eat there is in the world

You have probably no idea for instance how many good things there may be under one rotting log Even if you do not get a mouse or a chipmunk you are sure of a fringe of greenstuff which19 from lack of sunlight has grown white and juicy and almost as sure of some mushrooms or other fungi most of which are delicious But before you can touch them you have to look after the insects Mushrooms will wait but the sooner you catch beetles and earwigs and ants and grubs the better It is always worth while to roll a log over if you can no matter how much trouble it costs and a big stone is sometimes nearly as good

Insects of course are small and it would take a lot of ants or even beetles to make a meal for a bear but they are good and they help out Some wild animals especially those which prey upon others eat a lot at one time and then starve till they can kill again A bear on the other is wandering about for more than half of the twentyfour hours except in the very heat of summer and he is eating most of the while that he wanders The greater part of his food of course is greenstufflily bulbs white camas roots wildonions and young shoots and leaves As he walks he browses a mouthful of young leaves here scratches up a root there tears the bark off a decaying tree and eats the insects underneath lifts a stone and finds a mouse or a lizard beneath or loiters for twenty20 minutes over an anthill With plenty of time he is never in a hurry and every little counts

But most of all in summer I used to love to go down to the stream In warm weather during the heat of the day bears stay in the shelter of thickets among the b by the water or under the shade of a fallen tree As the sun sank we would move down to the stream and lie all through the long evening in the shallows where the cold water rippled against ones sides And along the water there was always something good to eatnot merely the herbage and the roots of the waterplants but frogs and insects of all sorts among the grass Our favou bathingplace was just above a wide pool made by a beaverdam The pool itself was deep in places but before the river came to it it flowed for a hundred yards and more over a level gravel bottom so shallow that even as a cub I could walk from shore to shore without the water being above my shoulders At the edge of the pool the same black and white kingfisher was always sitting on the same branch when we came down and he disliked our coming and chirred at us to go away I used to love to pretend not to understand him and to walk solemnly through the water underneath and all round his branch It21 made him furious and sent him chirring upstream to find another place to fish where there were no idiotic bearcubs who did not know any better than to walk about among his fish

Here too my father and mother taught us to fish but it was a long time before I managed to catch a trout for myself It takes such a dreadful lot of sitting still Having found where a fish is lying probably under an overhanging branch or beneath the grass jutting out from the bank you lie down silently as close to the edge of the water as you can get and slip one paw in ever so gradually behind the fish and move i
Original zongshen 150cc dirt bike,zongshen 250cc cruiser motorcycle