Single Ionic foot spa WTH-201 (Original Supplier)

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Guangdong, China (Mainland), guangzhou
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for one person
ionic foot spa
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9 years
ionic foot spa

Single Ionic foot spa WTH-201 (Original Supplier)


Product Description

 Description of ionic foot spa  :   

With an infrared belt

Big LCD screen readouts current curved line

Effective and easy detoxification

Ion array good for 50 uses

Good protection inside case for main machine

One year warranty

The ion cleanse detoxifies the body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocols, with little or no stress to the patient

Used properly, the ion cleanse provides a comfortable, and relaxing way to rid the body of toxins without precipitating healing crises


Whole set includes as below chart:

 Main machine

Wrist belt

Array (black or white)

FIR belt

pH test paper (alternative)

AC adapter

Power supply (suitable for all countries)

User manual 


Add more:

carton size(4 pcs):77X41X37cm

G.W:21 KGS

CBM weight:23 KGS



Welcome to contact us, we could make OEM/ODM as your requirement.





How Do Toxins Build Up?


The human body uses electrical impulses mainly from the brain to function.  All the cells in our body produce Bio-Energy.  When this energy level is high, the cells function properly (e.g. nutritional absorption takes place and toxins are discharged). When we get diseases or overly stressed, our cells are affected and the Bio-Energy level is dramatically reduced.  Therefore, our cells cannot function at their best and release toxins efficiently.


How Does It Make You Detox?

The detox foot spa unit does not make the body detox. It bio-energetically stimulates you to enable self detoxification and rebalancing of the body as shown in research using medically approved equipment.


Detox Foot Spa Treatments are Not Recommended For:

* Persons with a pacemaker

    * During pregnancy

    * Persons with implanted organs

    * Persons with epilepsy

    * Persons with open wounds on feet

    * Persons currently undergoing any form of radiotherapy or chemotherapy

    * Persons with type 1 Diabetes

* If in doubt, please consult your GP


Why Does The Water Change Colour?

When toxins leave our bodies they are clear, i.e. perspiration.  The toxins from our bodies react with the ionised water causing colour change.  Similarly, toxins already contained in the water also react to cause some colour change. Part of the colour change is due to the natural corrosion of the array.


Does The Colour Change The More I Use It?

This may well be the case, although the more accurate measurement are the physical effects. The colour of the water is not the definitive indicator of the detoxification.


What Do The Colours Of The Detox Mean?

There is no definitive method of visually diagnosing the toxins.  As part of the colour change is due to the erosion of the array during the detox process, it is best to not get involved in trying to interpret their meanings.  The only true method of analysing the colours is via a laboratory test.


Can I Use The Machine Everyday?

The manufacturers of the detox units recommend once or twice a week treatments.  For those suffering from illnesses, the frequency should be reduced.  This is because for those who are unwell, their bodies go into "healing" mode after treatment, during which they may feel tired and lethargic.


In our experience most people feel lethargic immediately afterwards, and feel the benefits over the following days. Some time is required for the body to fully recover, and a follow-up treatment should not be given for a few days, or until they feel fully recovered.


How Long Should I Have A Treatment For?

In an adult body, the cycle of blood takes approximately 20 minutes for one complete cycle.  Therefore, to stay on the machine for less than 20 minutes would not be harmful in any way, but would not be beneficial either.  This cycle is considerably less for children, and the recommended treatment times reflect this.  Adults should have the full 30 minutes, and Children 15 minutes.  Children under the age of 7 should not have the treatment.


Have You Proof Of What It Cures?

The machine does not cure anything.  It is simply a machine which enables your body to re-balance its bio-energetic fields which stimulates self-detoxification.  When the electro-magnetic fields are balanced, the body's organs will naturally function better.


Is The Colour Of The Water Significant?

In our experience, the colour varies from person to person.  However, people have indicated that the effects felt are a more beneficial indicator of the detox they have received, and go on to book further treatments.


Does The Water Change If The Unit Is Run Without Feet?

The array is designed to erode.  This is like a pencil - if it did not wear out, it would not work.  No diagnoses should be made visually via the colours for this reason as part of the colour change is due to the erosion.  Also as normal tap water contains many toxins and chemicals, the array will also "detox" the water.


What Improvements Could I Notice?

It may improve:

 * Liver and kidney function

    * General circulation and motabolism

    * Arthritis

    * Headaches and menstrual pain

    * Skin problems

    * Mercury and heavy metal toxification

    * Well being and balance of the whole body

The treatment can be used in conjunction with detox diet plans


After A Treatment, Will I Be Restricted In My Daily Acivities?

No, you can go about your daily business as usual.


How Long Will The Effects Last?

Results depend upon your lifestyle.  We recommend an initial course of 5-7 (once or twice a week) then a top up session once a month or once every 3 months.

Please contact Katie for more information, thank you!


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