The unique Chinese tea eurotium cristatum dark tea 800g

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Pu'Er Tea
Compressed Tea
3 - 4 Years
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Hand Made, Post-Fermented
Bag, Box, Gift Packing
Health Tea, Organic Tea
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China (Mainland)
Growth of golden flowers
eurotium cristatum
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Product Description


1, China's most ancient tea varieties

2, the new popular dark tea in China

3, can reduce weight, fall blood pressure

4,  probiotics:  eurotium cristatum








Top grade China Anhua dark tea




  1. Adopting high quality wild mature tea leaves as raw materials, sawed by handcraft, fine keeping the original flavor.
  2. Contain tea stalk and coarse fibre, can help for improvability gastrointestinal function, and help for decreasing high blood sugar and cholesterin, Lowering blood pressure, decreasing high blood sugar and preventing arteriosclerosis
  3. Nourishing Stomach protecting Liver, enhancing human immunity
  4. Delicate in raw material, special in work, deep in color and mellow in taste
  5. Anti-ageing, face beautifying and body slimming, refreshing the mind and relieving the fatigue
  6. Protection of radiation and cancer  


Introduction of Dark Tea (Hei Cha)


Dark Tea is one of the six tea categories in China with the most complex, unique and longest production processing cycle. It history draw backs to early of the 16th century, and was stipulated as the Official Tea transported to north-west which was needed by the national minority people and became there necessity. Till today, there is still a famous saying,One would rather go without cereal for three days than be denied tea for one single day.”


It is brick-like in appearance, dark and shining, red and strong tea soup, mellow to the taste with lasting scent. Brownish-yellow or brownish-red in infusion, Infused leaves are coarse and large and aroma is stale, piney, and smoke-like, of microbial fermentation, with a mellow taste. It is processed into a variety of shapes, such as brick, pillow, cake, bowl, etc.


In 2010, Anhua Dark tea was selected as one of the China World Expo Ten Famous Teas.


1.Special Environment---Anhua has 85% of tillite in the world, which is wonders of the world and has more than 6 hundred million’s history. Such rare stone is rich in all kinds of organic and mineral elements, It is the best environment for tea tree growth, and u can find wild tea tree near the river, beside the mountain, in the farming land here and there grow naturally.


2. Mysteries Tea tree----Anhua Yuntai Mountain’s wild large leaves tea plant, which is very rare and precious tea tree resources in the world. It is valuable heritages of China's traditional tea culture.


3. Special Production Craft---With several hundred years of traditional production craft, which is complicated in technique, high is technology. And the processing of some tea products is followed from generation to generation, refused to impart outside, so it’s mysterious kept secret.


The most important and unique characteristic processes in the processing of dark tea are pile fermenting and fire-drying with pine wood during primary processing. It has the fame of 'tea as amber' and 'color as iron, with extraordinary fragrance'. Without these two processes, it can’t be called “dark tea”.


Process: fresh tea leaves--fixing--rolling--piling—first drying--final drying (raw dark tea)--shaped by steam and pressure--finished tea 


4. Mysterious Golden flowers--- Eurotium cristatum(also called as golden flowers) only find out in glossy ganoderma before, which can help digest meat and fat, regulating three metabolic activities (sugar, fat and water), Anti ageing, Anti-Oxidant,prevent cancer thus to help people enjoy healthy life. Such precious golden flowers is listed as countries secret and protected by government.  


5. Special Function---- Dark tea contains many kinds of amino acids, the Vitamin and the trace elements which the human body needs, and its rich inclusion can effectively block the formation of carcinogenic microso group compound in human body. The contained steatolysis enzyme, has the decomposition to be greasy, the digestion and reduces human body function as well as fat compound, cholesterol, three acid anhydride fat. It can help people to reduce the weight, decrease the blood pressure, help digestion helpful for stomach.





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