Ultrasonic sensor,paper detection,Ultrasonic Double-Sheet Detectors UDC-18GM-400-3E1

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Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
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Ultrasonic Sensor
Switching Transducer

Ultrasonic Single and double sheets detector UDC-18GM-400-3E1 for paper detection

 Ultrasonic Double-Sheet Detectors

1. Product Description

Single and double sheet detector using ultrasonic technology, mainly used to monitor the layers of paper and plastic and metal films. In order to identify two or more than two sheets accidentally glued together. Each layer is compared with the stored reference values and corresponding instructions for single or double. And can be manually modified to store values. Mainly used to detect single sheet get through and double sheet by dual-alarm function; and not constraints by object’s vibration, material, color, are widely used in paper making, stamping, feeding machine of instant noodles and other industries.

Ultrasound Single and double sheets detector, specially ultrasonic transducer and originality of electronic circuits, can be applied to a wide range of material thickness, transparency film, thin metal films, precise detection of double-overlapping. The ultrasonic system, photoelectric double sheet detector is no way to compare, because it does not depend on color of the material.

Ultrasound Single and double sheets detector compared to the traditional mechanical or optical double sheet control can be adapted to various sheet materials need not be set, such as potentiometers or probe adjustment method is redundant.

2. Product Features

Includes two Ultrasonic sensors and a signal processor (transmitter and receiver).

Reliable detection of multi-layer paper, plastic or metal foil, induction range 20-60mm.

Measuring material range from 20G/m2 to 500g/m2 card.

Measuring speed: 30mS detect one time.

Ultrasonic sensor overall installed dimensions: M18*1.5 thread.

Resolution: 3 kinds of signals (air, leaflets, double GE more) output, which can be for a variety of applications.

3.Product principle

A high frequency ultrasonic transmitters emitting ultrasonic beam under the sheet. Sheet sound waves cause vibrations, which will generates a very small waves on the other side in the sheet, in turn, This small waves are received by ultrasonic receivers. If it is two, one on top of another, the signal becomes weaker, and so that elementarycould not reach the receiver.



4.Main technical parameters

Supply voltage: DC 12~24V

Operating temperature: probes-20~70


Storage temperature:-40~80

Work area: 20G/m2 500g/m2 card

Electrical connection: Blue: PNP+    white: PNP-

Green: NPN+  yellow: NPN-

Red: 24VDC+  black: 24VDC-

Analog display: Green: out of paper

Yellow light: a sheet (PNP signal output, normally open)

Red light: two or more sheets (NPN output signals, normally open)

Shell material: e-processors: cast aluminum

Sensor: plastic (corrosion media selects special material)



5. Installation



Ultrasonic technology single and double sheets paper detector can be installed perpendicular to the paper, at the time of detection of paper and film, swing of the paper will not affect the system functionality.


For thin sheet metal or thicker plastic films (for example, credit card), it is recommended that system tilted 27 degrees installation detection.


For special types of thicker paper, the system should be installed inclined at 27 ° ~30 °.


6.Mode of connection


Blue: PNP+      white: PNP-


Green: NPN+    yellow: NPN-


Red: 24VDC+   black: 24VDC-


Shielded cable: connect the power supply case, and meanwhile power supply case reliable connect to grounding.




A. plug in the power supply enclosure, meanwhile power supply case reliable connect to grounding!!!


B. the distance between the transmitter and receiver must be at least 20mm, up to 60mm. Accurate shaft alignment (± 1 °) is very important. If the transmitter and receiver axis


not alignment, performance will be slower.


C. recommended installation distance: 28mm (1mm).


D. recommended installation angle: 27 ° ± 1 ° (paper with transmitter and receiver axis angle).


E. calibrated measuring error when a single paper is present value of double sheets of paper


1, put a piece of paper between two probes, press the button on the left, 3-5 seconds, release the left button


2, between two probes into two pieces of paper, hold the right button for 3-5 seconds, release the right button


F, reset: If the exception state on the product, you can try using two buttons at the same time press 3-5 seconds, to reset.



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