ultrasonic Mouse expeller 15w 220v 50hz 5years warranty

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Guangdong, China (Mainland)
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A,Principle of work: This product adopts the modern high-tech method, can create special Sweep frequency ultrasonic and the ultra low frequency electromagnetic wave, stimulated mouse insect nervous system and hearing system, make its produce discomfort and fled. Because of the products produced the intermittent constantly changing ultrasonic and ultra low frequency electromagnetic wave frequency, which can’t make the mice produce "adaptability" and "immunity".

B,Purpose and scope: This product mainly expel mouse, for cockroaches and ants etc. also have certain inhibition. On the human body, pet harmless, no pollution to the environment, can be widely used in home, office, hospital and other places, effective in the area of 80-100 square-meters (more open environment). In actual use because of obstacles and other reasons, usage one piece for 40-60 square meter space, appropriately increase the use quantity in the high density indoor articles room and many mouse place.


C,Method of use:

1, this product power plug directly into the 220V power outlet, the side switch downwards,  plugged mouse expeller power, red power indicator light, said the products began to work.

2, this product should work all the year round continuously, should not be used intermittently, in order to avoid the mouse returned again or a new mouse invasion.

3, the mouse expeller panel from left to right the first lamp power indicator light (red), second light is electromagnetic wave indicating lamp (green), third lamp is ultrasonic 1 indicator light (yellow), fourth lamp is ultrasonic 2 indicator light(blue).


D,Matters attention:

1, do not take this product outside (if must outdoor Anti-Sun and rain), not in the hot and humid place.

2, before use, make sure the power supply for the exchange of 220V system.

3, mice are most activity on the ground, Installing at 20-150cm from the ground.

4, this product is obvious effect of continuous use 3-4 weeks, if rat not serious will be effective immediately.

5. this product just began to use, mice may be more active which be Stimulus response, over a period of time mice will fly low.

6, this product should be placed in the empty position, no barrier in front of emission mouth at 1 meter, not blocking ultrasonic working.


E, Technical indicators:

1, the power voltage: AC 220V/50Hz.

2, The consumed power: 15w.

3, the frequency range: Extremely low frequency electromagnetic wave 0.5-10HZ,  clearance of 100 seconds;Ultrasonic 20-35KHZ / 35-50KHZ, clearance of 50 seconds.