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Place of Origin:
Fujian, China (Mainland)
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Power Source:
concrete grinder
Variable Speed:
Rated Input Power:
Disc Diameter:
Rated Voltage:
No-Load Speed:
Disc(Wheel) Type:
Grinding Disc
concrete grinder
aluminum and iron
Working Width:
Rotating Speed:
Tool Holder Diameter:
Grinding disc:
12 heads
Water Tank Capacity:
Wet / Dry
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wet concrete grinder for sale 580-4D




Product Description


1. New Q8C has IE standard motor and DELTA inverter.

2. Equipped with automatic regulation, it is capable of different construction process requirements and reduces the loss of abrasives, then improves work eficiency and sigificantly reduces construction cost.

3. The grinding plate and gear box are made of aluminim-alloy.

Equipped with heavy-duty aluminum alloy motor which ensures light weight but strong power, it can greatly increase work efficiency for floor.

4. Different hardness, trong power output can work 24 hours continuously.

5. Those polishing machine can do wet and dry working,can polish different floors with different polishing pads.

6. Folding design and separate, reduce the burden of handling balance.Handle adjusts to the operator's height for increased comfort and reduced fatigue.


Technical Specification:





Operating width



Grinding heads



Rotating speed



Horse power






Tank capacity











Packaging & Shipping

The machine will use standard export package, custom suffocating free.


Company Information

Xingyi Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd is located in Jinjiang city, Fujian Province PR of ChinaHe is specialized in manufacturing floor grinding & polishing machines; professional in doing projects of decorative concrete and stone caring. It is an enterprise with technology and innovation. He was established by Mr. Genyi Ye in 1999.Now he has developed into a large-scale enterprise with four subsidiaries: Jinjiang Xingyi Polishing Machine Co.,Ltd, Nan'an Xingyi Stone Caring Tools Co.,Ltd,Boke Concrete Decorate Co.,ltdNan'an Xingyi Stone Trading Co.,Ltd and 23 branch companies.


Our Services

Provide polished concrete and stone caring service.


Provide polished concrete and stone caring training.

Every year, we have two seminar about concrete coloring and polishing in our factory.

Sincerely welcome you contact with us for more information and come to visit us.


Provide systems for polished concrete and stone caring products





Where is your factory?  

Jinjiang, Fujian Province, one hour driving from Xiamen International airport.

When is your conrete polishing and coloring seminar?  

In March each year. 

What's the difference between planetary and counter rotating grinder?  

Planetary grinder is sharper and powerful, good at do grinding to level the floor; counter rotating grinder is more stable and smooth during operation, good at doing polishing.

Do you have office in...?

We have sole agent in 19 countries: The United State America, Mexico, Hong Kong, Vietnam, South Korea, Philippines, GCC countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia), Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Sudan, Libya.

7 Distributor: Mongolia, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Canada, Japan, South Africa.

Can you show me your machine's vedio?


About concrete polishing process: http://youtu.be/xPl8bwxejYc

About stone polishing process: http://youtu.be/Iy60eflCTwk

Why choose Xingyi?

1. We have 6 sets of CNC machine for manufacture the gear, 2 sets of Qinchuan brand YK7236A professional gear grinding machine.

2. Quality be rest assured by XingYi.

3.  Provide systematic training on products and technologies, offer opportunities to learn knowledge of machine operation and maintenance.

4. Worldwide sales network in more than 100 countries. Most countries have XingYi agent or office which promote after-sale more convenience.

5. Visit the agent each year, solve customer's problems at the site in time

6. Provide OEM production for many countries successfully

7. Ready and receive customervisiting plan anytime.

For more questions, welcome to contact with us and come to visit our factory. 





Polishing technology

Why do we need to do concrete polishing and hardening?

The concrete floor is easy to be weathered, dusting and sanding without doing hardening and polishing.

Conversely, the concrete floor can extend the life-spam with good vision and more durability after being polished. It can prevent dusting and sanding. It is easy to be cleaned.


How to distinguish the concrete hardness? How to do it without instruments? Do I have to select a lighter machine when it is soft concrete floor?

Way 1: With Concrete Floor Hardness Tester

Under 30 PSI soft concrete

30-50 PSI medium concrete

Up to 50 PSI hard concrete

Way 2: With a hard material to do a simple test(like a coin). Commonly used in China.

Coin Test Method

A. With a coin to scrape the floor and get a result of marked but can not go deep, that means the density of the floor is good. Generally, this kind of floor is C30 label with good maintenance of industrial concrete floors and carborundum wearable floor. The grinding curing construction effect is obvious. It has good brightness and the cost can be controlled.

B. With a coin to scrape the floor and there are obvious signs of grooves, then the label of this kind of floor is usually low and it is bad maintenance concrete floor. For this kind of floor, we can choose concrete hardening technology, it can also have an obvious effect after construction, but the construction costs are significantly higher.

C. With a coin to scrape the floor and you can draw a deep groove easily. And even the groove can bury the coins. Then we shall give up this kind of floor and do not need to think about any construction process. We can just communicate with the Party B directly to shatter the existing terrestrial re-paving concrete. To do good maintenance and polished concrete after that.

D.Test the floor with your own eyes.--It is not scientific.

Way 3: Mohs pencil


What's the differences between dry polishing and wet polishing? When shall we choose wet polishing?

A. The advantages of concrete dry polishing:

1. It can reduce the moisture content of the floor, which will help the densifier penetration.

2. The powder is filled into the holes and reacted with hardener to form a crystal which improves the compactness of the floor.

3. It is good for checking the level of all steps of grinding and if the surface scratches are well-distributed. It is better for timely remedial rework. The quality of construction is higher.

4. This polishing system is equipped with industrial vacuum. The waste generated by dry polishing is easy to be handle and recycled. Environmental protection is required by most countries.

5. The main composition of concrete is silicates which is suitable for physical polishing. It can improve the floor smoothness and keep it more longer. Wet polishing can not reach such high temperatures, which is not good for polishing and the brightness will not last long. Higher costs need for maintenance.When we do wet polishing, the mud is mixed with water. There are water stains left and get a hazy feeling.

Disadvantages: It needs to be equipped with vacuum equipment to achieve dust-free working. The cost of abrasives are relatively higher than wet polishing.


B. The advantages of concrete wet polishing:

1. The grinding effect of wet polishing is better than the dry polishing as it can better moisturize the abrasive.

2. The grinding media generated from wet polishing can reduce scratches.

3. The costs of abrasives are lower than dry polishing relatively and it is suitable for a wide range.

Disadvantages: Non-environmentally friendly. The security coefficient is lower than dry polishing. The wasted mud is hard to deal with and it is very prone to clogging drains.


Polishing process is depend on the customer’s and operator's choice.


How to account the cost of polished concrete floor ? How to quote ?

The main costs of polishing concrete include: hardener costs, abrasive costs, labor costs, waste disposal costs, travel expenses, depreciation of machinery and management costs.

A. Hardener Costs: hardener in different brands have different prices.

B. Abrasive Cost: First depend on what system you choose: wet or dry polishing systems. And different condition floors get different hardness, so abrasive consumes are not the same. The hardest of floor, the less of the abrasive consumes. The better quality of the floor,the less of the abrasive consume,

According to the requirements of the result, product costs are not the same. For example, high degree final result needs at least to polishing till 3000 #. 400# just get hone final floor. Metal diamond pads 30# or 60# used for leveling floor. Of course, if you use more grits, then grind cost, labor costs will increase accordingly.

C. Labor costs: different places have different labor costs standard. The higher efficiency machinery you used,the less labor costs you can get.

Therefore, the cost of polishing concrete depends on the material chosen by customers, polishing process, machine efficiency, customer requirements, technical workers and other factors. Cost is approximately $ 1 -$10/ m2.

Price: Do demo on a 50 sq.m job for clients, then calculate the cost.


If the concrete floor have small apertures/holes, then how to resolve it? What steps to deal with the small apertures?

A: Solution: cement + concrete hardening agent or cement + concrete interface agent to fill in thin apertures faces. Do not add any water. Normally, to do this step after grinding metal or resin pads 200#. Currently we use concrete interface agent in our own site. The sales price at 26 RMB / kg.


How to grind concrete floor which is still rough after grinding ?

A: Check the concrete surface conditions. If the surface is very flat, just skip the metal grinding pads.

If the concrete floor is still rough after grinding, that means the concrete is not hard enough.

Solution: 1 Harden the floor, then grinding it with 60 # metal pads;

               2 Copy the first steps.

               3 Copy the second steps (At least three times for those steps. According to the surface situation and decide whether you need to do hardening treatment again. Do leveling with 60# metal pad till the floor is smooth fully.)

(Note: Hardening process need to wait 4-24 hours till it is dry enough. The longer, the better. Remain semi-wet and dry polishing status. Equipped with industrial vacuum to avoid dust from coming up again.

Next, resin polishing pads 50 # 100 # 200 # to do polishing (Dry or Wet are both OK, but not too wet) --- densifier --- 400 # 800 # 1500 # 3000 # (dry polishing).


How to deal with a super-soft or super-hard concrete floors? What are the differences between the procedures with the ordinary one?

If it is a super-soft concrete, we can use our two-component type hardening agent. First with CHA-09C agent to enhance the hardness of the concrete, and then grinding (abrasive should be anti-friction one).

If the ground is super-hard, you can choose one-component type hardening agent, but the abrasive should be sharp enough one. Grinding processes are the same.


How to grind the corner of the concrete floor?

With edge grinder X20 and polishing pads JL-N /JL-L 50# 100# 200# to do wet /dry polish at a rotating speed of 600-800rpm. And then use polishing pads XMD 400# 800# to do dry polish at a highest speed.


During the processes of concrete surface grinding and polishing, what level of brightness can each polishing step achieve? How about in domestic concrete floor ?

Generally, the brightness of the normal concrete polishing is related to the surface condition, the weight of the machine and the rotating speed. The harder the concrete is, with heavier machine and higher speed, the result of brightness will be better.

Under normal circumstances, if the hardness of floor can reach more than C30, then it can achieve 30 degree with using pads until 800#. And it can achieve 50-60 degree if 3000# used (You can see yourself on the ground like a mirror after using 3000#). If a higher gloss requested, you need to use concrete polishing agent to auxiliary polishing. It can achieve marble shining effect.


During rough grinding, what is the suitable RPM on grinding machine? And what about fine polishing?

When rough grinding, the speed should be 1100-1300 rpm. And when doing polishing, use the highest speed as polishing machine can.


Will it reach the effect of dust-proof and waterproof after the whole processes of polishing on concrete floor ? If it will release toxic gases when it is used for indoor?

Yes , it can prevent the dust , but for the waterproof, it depends on what kind of curing agent you choose. Seal type hardener can do waterproof. There also has a concrete protective agent (protective agent) in the market can reach a certain degree of waterproof and prevent oil, but not 100% sure. If you choose that , you’d better test it first. Now, VOC emissions of aqueous hardener on the market is "0". Therefore, the customer can be rest assured of that.


How to deal with the very uneven concrete surface with deep ravines?

If the basement of floor is very strong, first,you can use milling planer to plane until smooth, then reoccupy metal # 16/20 start grinding together with our grinding machine.


Is there any other agents we can use (except hardened agent ) when polishing concrete ground?

Yes ,there are. Such as Concrete colorants, concrete protective agent, concrete polishing agent, concrete protective agent and so on.

BTW: At present ,one product has multiple names on the market. The above names here are just for your reference.


Due to the limited site socket, if we can put the grinding machine and industrial vacuum cleaners merged into a power source, i.e., the grinding machine and industrial vacuum cleaner connected directly. The industrial vacuum cleaner is connected to a power source. Is that ok?

Yes, we can connect it through a distribution box. The requirement of the main line must meet the requirements of 7.5 KW for industrial vacuum cleaners and a 11 KW grinding machine line with at least 10 or more flat.


Would construction method be different due to the construction of the concrete surface hardening polishing in different environments ? (indoor, outdoor, clean environment).

No, they are the same. Only grinding in different ways, the construction methods are different.